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Journal stormi's Journal: what am i doing here 1

"But I wonder what you're doing here..."

sometimes i wonder what i'm doing here too. and not just 'here'... here in my life. this could all be a very big mistake *paranoid glance*

but ben and max and robert think i ought to be more on the geek side of life and stop compromising my intelligence or something.... i'd basically given up on math and science and im trying to take it up again sloooowwwwwlyyyy.... and computer stuff really interests me, but im also sort of a technophobe. it's a paradox really.

right now im sort of a crazy hippie who's popular among the 'freaks' like punk kids and goth kids and stuff..... and im quietly slipping away into the abyss of geekdom. i think it started when i got bored and memorized 70 decimals of pi, and it's spiraling downward as i get physics lessons from ben in my spare time cuz i'm bored....

oh, and i have some neat little diaryland webpages where i play with html, but that's not really 'computer stuff' is it? =)

anyway, that's scratching the surface of what i'm doing here. this is a neat place to learn and it seems safe enough.... i dont think the mobs of geeks will crucify me if i dont know something..... i hope

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what am i doing here

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  • Don't worry about not knowing anything... This is Slashdot, home of people who pretend they know everything.

    Granted, there are a few who really are friggin' brilliant, but most of us just kinda take it easy and read much more than we write. It's a learning experience, I guess.

    Hell, you might be some sweaty old UNIX sysadmin who thought it'd be fun to get some poor geeks all hot and bothered that a girl would read Slashdot. But who knows? And frankly, who cares?

    And even if 'they' wanted to crucify you, th

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