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Journal Slartibartfast's Journal: WTF. Why not?

Well, a mere five years after getting my Slashdot account, I might as well enter something. It's been a strange trip: from Summa4, telecom vendor extraordinaire, to Cisco, then to Xanoptix... errr, Xan3D Technologies, Inc. And now? "To oblivion, and beyond!" As of 12/31, I'm scheduled to get the axe, and join the 80% of the company I zorched the accounts of last Tuesday. Ah, the joys of being IT.

The thing that's up in the air, though, is the fact that there's still 20% of a company in place. An engineering company. With computers, and servers. That I've managed for the last four years. Which leads us to the conclusion that someone is going to have to maintain the damn things.

Meanwhile (a la Lemony Snicket), back at the ranch, in July sometime, visions of a Xanoptix w/o VC were dancing in my head. And visions of Asterisk 1.0 were, too. As well as visions of the quote (in hand) that Xanoptix received for our PBX install. All of which, once combined, made me think that getting into the whole telecom thing might not be a bad move. I'd kind of been hoping that Tyco would have propped us up until at least April, but nooooo...

So, fast-forward to now: they still need me for p/t IT, I'm not established in telecom... let's blend 'em! I'll propose to management that I be a contractor for 1/2 my cost to Xanoptix, while going forward with Asterisk, and using the Xanoptix facility for office-y stuff (eg., fax machine, phone, conference room, T1).

In the immortal words of Yoda, "An interesting time, it will be."

The wages of sin are high but you get your money's worth.