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Journal lucabrasi999's Journal: Moderators...

Well, I got into yet another pissing match with some moderators. I know that making a comment on moderation is considered against the rules, but, when a moderator screws up/or mis-moderates something, sometimes I can't help myself. I lost the pissing match since some of my comments were moderated down. In the end, it's not that big of a deal, but it is kind of annoying.

The problem comes down to this: why would anyone care if a user had good or bad karma? As everyone knows, moderating someone as "Funny" does not improve that person's karma. So, some moderators choose to moderate the Funny comments as "Insightful" or "Interesting" so they can improve the karma of the Poster. The moderators today gave a post an "Interesting" when the Post was making a joke about Girls in Bikinis. I saw "Girls in Bikinis" and "Interesting" together and make a joke about it. And, I was chewed out about how the moderator was just trying to improve someone's Karma.

In short, get over it people! Why are you worried about User X's Karma? Get a life!

Then again, maybe I should get a life, as well, since I'm bitching about this problem on my journal....

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