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Journal richie2000's Journal: Lebensraumskij

So, what will happen when The Day After Tomorrow arrives? When the global warming shuts down the Gulf Stream conveyor and freezes a sizable portion of the Russian deep-sea ports solid?

It's gonna be a flashback to the bad old days when I got frostbite on sentry duty outside our tent. Yep, I've done my tour of duty in the Army. I wanted to go Soviet sub-hunting, but the waiting list was too long so I wound up driving a motorbike for the Royal Swedish Artillery instead. We all knew why the Teboil stations in northern Finland had much larger diesel tanks underground than they ever needed. We all knew what the Soviet subs were doing outside our Baltic naval stations. We all had a needle with atropine ready. We did decon drills and outdoor showers in -15C. It was just a matter of time.

Pulling sentry duty in temps of -30C and a bit of wind chill factor while waiting for the moment when "Superpower Red"[1] came for us will seem like a summer-time walk in the park when the tanks bearing the blue, white and black flag finally come rolling in. Putin's going to be wanting some of that old lebensraum for his precious rodina and he's going to go west to pick it up.

[1] I think I've mentioned this before, but all of our drills and exercises were based on the premise that "Superpower Red" would attack us from the east with a great big tank rush. Except this one exercise when some joker at HQ labeled the aggressor "Superpower Yellow". We all got a good laugh out of that one, what would they do - dig a tunnel to us?

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