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Traveling to Azerbaijan

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  • In my mind, it's one of those almost mythical countries of which you know positively nothing about, so... yeah, I'd like to see pictures.
  • I hope you have a nice camera and a lot of media (film/CF/etc). Also... do you know what, if any, laws govern taking pictures of people and places/things in public? Are there any cultural restrictions on that sort of thing?

    If no or very few restrictions AND you have the equipment, please, PLEASE use the long-end of your telephoto (200mm or more) and get some chest-up portraits. I'd love to see some detailed pictures of people acting normally.

    Also, if you get the chance, talk to people about the recent
    • I'll do all that I can. My parents have a pretty sweet digital camera. You just gave me some great ideas.
      • Here's an example of my work (plug!) and perhaps a few more ideas: People of Portland [].

        I find that shooting portraits, especially with a tele zoom lens, is fairly easy. It helps if people are friendly but most people seem like having their photo taken.

        Other ideas for shots: try to get up early for a few mornings and shoot wherever you're at. Countryside, the cityscape, whatever. Shooting around dawn can yeild very rewarding shots, although it can be a little difficult. Same goes for around sunset.

  • Absolutely. I would actually love to see a photoessay of your trip.

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