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Journal Corf's Journal: another paycheck, another bi-weekly journal...

Got back from Pisgah Forest yesterday. What an excellent weekend - visited a couple of accounts, rocked a 28-mile 5-hour mountain bike ride on Saturday, had dinner at Barley's (one bigass beefalo & feta calzone)... would that all weekends could be that much fun. Spent too much money, but Wednesday will see another piddly direct deposit to checking.

Craft pretty much shot down any of my employment hopes. Overqualified for the position; they said they wouldn't be able to pay me enough even before I shared salary requirements (requirements: rent/util/broadband for an efficiency apartment within five miles of the office, car payments on a Hyunda Elantra, and an additional $600/mo for food, insurance, gas, and savings. Is that so much?). Oh well. Still have an outstanding letter in to a company on Long Island, but I'm not holding out much hope there. Lunch break over. No more slashdot posting for another day. Thank goodness for inbound call volume on Mondays to deaden the pain until I can go home.

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another paycheck, another bi-weekly journal...

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