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Journal N473's Journal: It has been bad... *EDITED* 15

Goddamn it's good to be back home! Just got out of the hospital...

Wednesday I went to my doc got 3 perscriptions, but later I got very sick... My buddy Al drove me to emergency at 3pm and when I got there I was yellow (skin and eyes). Turns out I had an inflamed liver and pacreatitis. So Wednesday to Monday morn sitting in a fucking hospital room. Not fun.

I can not drink any more. I should be like "big deal", but I am scared. What do I do on the weekend now? How do you hang out with no drink? Help me out here. I am single and all the places I think to meet people involve social drinking.

So suggestions??? Please :-)


Alright, to those that chimed in with appearances and virgin drinks -- yeah that's cool. Thing is I really like my alcohol. So this is something I will just have to do...

It is very suprising to me, but when the doc said no more drinking, I got scared! Not scared... panicy. I realized maybe I like drinking more than just a little. So now I have an iron clad reason not to -- I can die. Death by eith liver or pancreas trouble is a very bad, painfull way out. So I am gonna just stop.

I am not gonna fake a cocktail, cause that is not me. As all my friends and even periphrial acquantances will tell you, I will say what is on my mind 100% of the time. I will say anything to anyone and have pretty much no fear. So coke with ice it is.

But it will be a while until I will trust myself around a bar or club. I am thinking up things to keep me busy as I never stay home, I am always out.

So in closing: Punk Rock, baby, keep it real!

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It has been bad... *EDITED*

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  • Just tell the bartender your situation and tell them to make all your drinks virgin drinks.
  • people likely won't look twice at it, until they know you. by that point they'll know you and understand you can't drink. even people who don't know you won't think poorly of you if you're not drinking and they've heard your story of why. well, anyone who judges you on that probably isn't good company to keep anyway.

    i don't drink, but most of my friends do. they all understand. i suppose it might be wierd if my wife drank and i didn't, but she doesn't drink either.

    you'll be ok. you just need to adju
    • well, anyone who judges you on that probably isn't good company to keep anyway.

      exactly. These are NOT, repeat, NOT the people you would want to associate yourself with. Defining worth through a drug? Hmmm... not entirely healthy.

      i don't drink, but most of my friends do. they all understand.

      subgeek: nailed to the X (lol!! oh i kill me).
      But yeah, I'm in the same boat here. Oh sure, I end up being the butt of the jokes... but I think they are funny... so I laugh.

      These are the kinds of people you want to
  • I hope you are getting to feeling better my good man. Wow, that is really rough... I'm sorry to hear about that :(

    Now... heh... you are asking the right person. You don't NEED FUCKING ALCOHOL TO HAVE FUN!!! Okay???

    Sheesh... man.

    Really, I don't want to come off sounding like a preachy fuck, but seriously, your *health* and well being are more important than a fucking chemical okay? A clear head is a much more interesting thing, to me anyway.

    I'm not talking about those that enjoy the few odd drinks here a

      Blinder's right. But instead of some straightedge guy giving you advice, I'll give you the advice of a guy who *loves* to drink, but just can't do it anymore. I have ulcerative colitis and it's just not a good idea to drink a lot with my condition. Sure it can cool you out, but too much is bad, like with anything.

      It's been somewhat of an adjustment, but the more you drink less, the less you see it as an issue.

      Like whoever it was that said, just get a ginge

  • I don't know, I just up and "quit" drinking one day, and I didn't even have any particular reason for it like you do. I've had one glass of beer since I dumped the last of my gin down the sink on 9/26 and it really hasn't been that much different. Every now and then you'll be tempted to get something, but if you can find something else to do, it passes in ten or fifteen minutse.

  • and have kids. This will take up much of the time you have for drinking/socializing :)
    • That's the trick ain't it? To bad I have not met anyone I wanna be with since my breakup... Just fling after fling. I would love to have a wife and kids, all good things to those that wait...
      • Flings are fun, but just that.

        I waited quite a while to get married and have kids. Upside is that Im sure of the match, downside is Ill probably be in Depends when the kids graduate college. Fortunately my better half is a bit younger.
  • When was the last time, in a bar or anywhere else, that someone said, "excuse me, but I'm not going to talk to you until you have some alcohol."

    I only regularly drink wine, and the mark-up on wine in bars is criminal, I prefer to pay the mark-up on club soda. So, I sit around with my club soda, with limes and little umbrellas, the whole bit (tip the bartender a five on the first one and you'll only have to pay for your club soda once), and it is only most rarely that I get asked what I am drinking.

    I buy
    • Yeah, I know it is a bad way to go... Not only is it extremely painfull, but when you end up digesting through arteries and/or viens the loss of blood is the killer -- not how I envision leaving life. So it is being taken seriously.

      Thing is I do not trust myself at this time to enter a bar or club and not drink. When I drink, I DRINK. My alter ego emerges. I need to end it like a bad relationship. Booze and my perscription Vicodin (from my recent galbladder opperation) is probably what got me here to
  • Lots of good suggestions. I have another: American beer. They don't put alcohol in that yet, do they?

    And, FWIW, if you MUST have the appearance of an alcoholic beverage, who can tell at a glance the difference between a shot of vodka on the rocks and a glass of ice water?

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