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Journal Tmack's Journal: My House

My house...I closed only 10 days ago yet it already feels like a month and a half. Most of it was remoddeled by the guy that sold it, but there is still plenty of stuff for me to take care of. First things first, Im getting some stuff from from that contest I won. A whole house surge protector being the top priority, then some leviton switches and some new wall plates for networking and my stereo equipment. Wall mounted speaker mounts will probably be purchased as well (dont need my bose sitting on the end tables anymore). Last night I installed the dishwasher (first one this house has ever had), took until about 1am to get most of the dripping compression joints to stop dripping and actually test run the washer. No Gas yet, but that should be turned on soon, and they blew enough insulation into the attic to keep the house really temperate even without the system running at all. Anyway, good bit of work still ahead to get it done, but its getting there.
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My House

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