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Journal bejiitas_wrath's Journal: Misc Zdoom Frustrations.

I have just seen the news about the new star wars movie. What an awesome movie this will be! Darth Vader is finally complete and the dark lord of evil is born! Now we know how he ended up like that, I would never have known. I am deliberately avoiding watching the whole trailer, as I do not want to ruin the surprise of watching the movie in the cinema. But I am just about to watch 'The Core' on Showtime, so I am not that picky about which movies I watch... I have recently tried to compile the source code for the 2.0.92 release of Zdoom, and the code was supposed to be able to build on Linux, but there was no way it would really work easily. Why cannot the author of this code make a configure script and generate makefiles that way. You have to run autconf on an autoconf script and then attempt to use that configure script to generate the makefiles you need. But of course, this does not work either. Why, oh why can't Randy Heit set up a configure script, so that the user can just use the traditional ./configure make make install that we traditionally use when installing source tarballs. He has promised a Linux release for this awesome source port, but so far I am not impressed with the distribution of this source. I hope he will learn that we just want to unpack the source and compile it as easily as possible without having to generate our own configure scripts just to get Zdoom working. I hope to see a binary or source RPM very soon, this should make it simple to install. prboom was an easy source port to install, if I remember rightly I had to install a couple of other packages to satisfy dependencies and then I installed the prboom RPM and all was well. Randy could learn from something like that, I even installed timidity and the midi music works like a charm, which is more than I can say for the Zdoom-122 binary tarball... I have much experience compiling software for my Linux system, it is my preferred method of installation. But only if the source is laid out intelligently and there is the configure script wating for my command. Sure, there are the 2.0.93 Windows executables on the site now, but as far as my experiments with 2.0.92 goes it absolutely refuses to run with Wine, even though I managed to run Quake 2 with the afforementioned emulator. But I cannot wait until the Linux release is finally released, as this source port has many useful features that a Doomer like me can appreciate, all it really needs is Dynamic lighting like Quake2 had in software mode, where a rocket travelling down a hallway would light up the level as it passed. If this was introduced into Zdoom, you could light up levels with Dynamic lighting just like in Quake1-2 where even in software mode, you could have very realistic styles of lighting that are much better than the existing sector based lighting system. Maybe even translucent water like GlQuake. And finish the ExtraFloors code! Hey, I have just got the 1.23 Beta 33 Windows version of Zdoom working! It is running with the Wine emulator, and it can write to the directory and save games as well. I guess this is better than nothing until the linux 2.0.93 binaries or source tarballs (preferably.) are released. Ps, I tried to run the 2.0.92 Windows exe with Wine, and this is the crash dump it gave me...

Flags: 00000000
Address: 418c2211

Windows 9x 4.10 Build 67766446 A

GS=0033 FS=003b ES=007b DS=007b
EAX=403b7238 EBX=418d5c14 ECX=403b7230 EDX=418d5460
ESI=0000026e EDI=00000000
EBP=00000000 EIP=418c2211 ESP=406dfbf8 CS=0073 SS=007b

FPU State:
ControlWord=0020 StatusWord=787c TagWord=fa5c


Running threads:
00000009 at 418c2211*

Loaded modules:
00400000 - 00674fff
418b0000 - 418d5fff *
41540000 - 4156efff
41200000 - 41204fff
410d0000 - 410dffff
410a0000 - 410c7fff
41070000 - 41086fff
40e60000 - 40ec9fff
40bf0000 - 40c5efff
40d60000 - 40d79fff
40c80000 - 40cf3fff
40d10000 - 40d52fff
10000000 - 10095fff
40b20000 - 40b87fff
40ba0000 - 40bd3fff
40ad0000 - 40b06fff
40aa0000 - 40abbfff
40a30000 - 40a98fff
409c0000 - 409d9fff
409e0000 - 40a03fff
40a10000 - 40a23fff
406f0000 - 4079cfff
407c0000 - 408fbfff
40910000 - 40987fff
409a0000 - 409bcfff
404a0000 - 4059ffff
401e0000 - 4023cfff

Bytes near EIP:
418c2201: 04 01 00 00 00 83 ec 0c 8d 93 4c f8 ff ff 89 10
418c2211: 89 06 83 c4 20 31 c0 5b 5e c2 10 00 8d 76 00 89
418c2221: 74 24 18 8b 44 24 38 89 54 24 04 c7 04 24 03 00

ZDoom version 2.0.91 "Susan's Sister"

Command line:
IWAD: doom2.wad

Not in a level.

Possible call trace:
418c2211 BOOM
004a0f8b call 0049dcc0
00417cea call 004a0d50
0040af23 call 0040ae70
0040af23 call 0040ae70
004a1171 call 0040af10
004a1273 call 005101de
00487464 call 100a7783
0049e323 call 00417a20
0049e635 call 0049df70
0051368a call 0049e5c0
0051351e call 00510f80

Stack Contents:
406dfbf8: 40360000 00000000 00000010 406dfc08 ··6@··········m@
406dfc08: 418c21c0 00130012 0054f824 00000001 ·!·A····$·T·····
406dfc18: 00000001 418c21c0 0049ddda 0063adec ·····!·A··I···c·
406dfc28: 00000000 0000026e 4132fbb0 004a0f8b ····n·····2A··J·
406dfc38: 00417cea 0000026e 000000f8 406dfdcc ·|A·n·········m@
406dfc48: 0000017e 403a7000 4132fbb0 40236260 ~····p:@··2A`b#@
406dfc58: 00000020 6d6f6f44 7475412e 616f6c6f ···Doom.Autoloa
406dfc68: 6f640064 732f6d6f 736e696b 403a7000 d·doom/skins·p:@
406dfc78: 40236260 401fe3a4 4036001c 403a7000 `b#@···@··6@·p:@
406dfc88: 00000020 40360000 403a6f28 401f79bd ·····6@(o:@·y·@
406dfc98: 403a6ec0 40236260 403a7008 00000000 ·n:@`b#@·p:@····
406dfca8: 40360000 00000002 7a487464 0040af23 ··6@····dtHz#·@·
406dfcb8: 406dfcc4 00000002 7a487464 0040af23 ··m@····dtHz#·@·
406dfcc8: 406dfcd4 004a1171 005503b8 004a1273 ··m@q·J···U·s·J·
406dfcd8: 00000094 00000004 0000000a 040a08ae ················
406dfce8: 00000001 00204120 00000000 00000000 ···· A ·········
406dfcf8: 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 ················
406dfd08: 00000000 00000000 40b20000 00000000 ···········@····
406dfd18: 00000001 40b8787c 00000000 00000000 ····|x·@········
406dfd28: 00000002 40b40f3f 00000002 402349e0 ····?··@·····I#@
406dfd38: 00000000 406dfd44 408a8e8c 406dfd80 ····D·m@···@··m@
406dfd48: 40504c90 40b8787c 00000000 0000026e ·LP@|x·@····n···
406dfd58: 406dfdcc 00487464 7a487464 406dfdc0 ··m@dtH·dtHz··m@
406dfd68: 005219d8 ffffffff 0049e323 ffffffff ··R·····#·I·····
406dfd78: 40504d80 4059c240 00000000 00000000 ·MP@@·Y@········
406dfd88: 0000026e 0000017e 00000001 0000ffff n···~···········
406dfd98: 00000000 00000020 00000276 00000000 ···· ···v·······
406dfda8: 00400000 00400240 00400218 404a0000 ··@·@·@···@···J@
406dfdb8: 00400000 406dfd74 406dfde8 00522f10 ··@·t·m@··m@·/R·
406dfdc8: 00000000 406dfdf8 0049e635 404f5880 ······m@5·I··XO@
406dfdd8: 00000000 4059c240 406dfdd4 406df7c4 ····@·Y@··m@··m@
406dfde8: 406dff10 005132c8 0054fa38 00000000 ··m@·2Q·8·T·····
406dfdf8: 406dff20 0051368a 00400000 00000000 ·m@·6Q···@·····
406dfe08: 403719e2 0000000a 00000094 00000004 ··7@············
406dfe18: 0000000a 040a08ae 00000001 00204120 ············ A ·
406dfe28: 4019f800 00000000 406dfe70 406dfe54 ···@····p·m@T·m@
406dfe38: 40083391 00000000 00000000 406dfe8c ·3·@··········m@
406dfe48: 40236260 4023d000 4023c7a0 00000001 `b#@··#@··#@····
406dfe58: 4020394c 406dfe70 00000001 406dff38 L9 @p·m@····8·m@
406dfe68: 401fa220 401ffae0 40236260 4023d000 ··@···@`b#@··#@
406dfe78: 4023c7a0 00000001 406dfe5c 4020394c ··#@····\·m@L9 @
406dfe88: 00000001 00000000 00000000 00000000 ················
406dfe98: 00400120 4023c9c0 0051351e 4023c7a0 ·@···#@·5Q···#@
406dfea8: 00513506 4059c240 00000044 00000000 ·5Q·@·Y@D·······
406dfeb8: 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 ················
406dfec8: 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 ················
406dfed8: 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 ················
406dfee8: 00000004 00000008 0000000c 4019f800 ···············@
406dfef8: 00000000 406dff44 403719e2 00000000 ····D·m@··7@····
406dff08: 406dfe10 00000000 406dff38 005132c8 ··m@····8·m@·2Q·
406dff18: 005976b0 00000000 00000000 40500441 ·vY·········A·P@
406dff28: 4023c7a0 00000000 00000000 00000000 ··#@············
406dff38: ffffffff 4058be90 404dc630 4059c240 ······X@0·M@@·Y@
406dff48: 4023d000 4059bffa 00000000 406dff28 ··#@··Y@····(·m@
406dff58: 405003b0 00000001 00000000 00000000 ··P@············
406dff68: 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 ················
406dff78: 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 ················
406dff88: 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 ················
406dff98: 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 ················
406dffa8: 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 ················
406dffb8: 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 ················
406dffc8: 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 ················
406dffd8: 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 ················
406dffe8: 4059c240 4023d000 4059bffa 00000000 @·Y@··#@··Y@····
406dfff8: 40036a9d 00000000 ·j·@····

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