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Journal Lord Kano's Journal: George W Bush! 7

I couldn't be happier about the presidential election. GWB is the winner. With one supreme court justice in poor health and several others who are well past the average life expectance for Americans, it couldn't be more important to have him in the White House and a Republican majority in congress.

We can get a clear majority on the supreme court. We can get Roe V. Wade reversed and let the states decide for themselves on the issue of abortion.

It's going to be at least 4 more years before anyone tries to ban any guns.

We can breathe a breath of fresh air because the issues that are important to us are on the table.

The thing I like best about President Bush is that he's our Bill Clinton. No matter how much the other side hates him, it only makes them look worse. I was a dedicated Clinton hater. I even bought a bottle of wine that I'm saving until the day he dies. Now I can be as smug as the democrats were on Nov 3 1996.

Talk about a mandate to lead.


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George W Bush!

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  • Clinton got 49%
    Dole got 41%

    Your smugness is unjustified.
    A mandate from half the country. The other half found Kerry, who has a lackluster senatorial record, more palatable.
    • No, less then half. 48% does not equal one-half or 50%.

      Now Bush on the other hand, had MORE then half, 51%.
      • It was 49.24% of the popular vote. I'm calling that half because you know perfectly well that's close enough to it. However 41.71 is not close enough to be called half. 51% is still about half. That is not a clear mandate.
  • I'm just curious. I watched the Daily Show last night for the first time in 8 months (I can't stand how it went from funny satire too politico ass-kiss). Last night their guest interview was the democratic senator from NY. Him and Jon Stewart bitched about how "72% of americans felt that Bush was bad for the economy" and that "60% of americans think Bush couldn't handle Iraq" yet they still voted for him leading us to believe that "americans smoke crack."

    My response to that (and somewhat to you) is that
    • Things like abortion should not be a national issue. It's a morality issue. And morals vary widely from coast to coast. In a bible belt state, they should have every right outlaw abortion. In the more local level, they share that moral. Similar for more liberal states like New York, California, and Nevada. They don't share the same level of moral values, so why should they be subject to the strict morals of Utah's mormons or Alabama's Baptists? The actions of a person in Cleveland do not affect those in Mon
  • Liberals are obviously speculating about cheating []... Exit polls being wrong only in Ohio and Florida seems a bit suspicious, though, doesn't it?
    • Liberals are obviously speculating about cheating... Exit polls being wrong only in Ohio and Florida seems a bit suspicious, though, doesn't it?

      Florida maybe, but not Ohio.

      Abortion and gay marriage... Do they really belong in the constitution?

      They're state's rights issues. If we need to amend the federal constitution to give individual states the right to decide these things for themselves, so be it.


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