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Journal Lxy's Journal: That's it, I'm running for President 1

I can't be the only one who went to the polls this morning, looked through the preseidential candidates, and thought "wow this sucks". As others have elluded to, they should post the Slashdot poll rules at the top of each booting booth (this thing is inaccurate, don't complain about the lack of options, etc). One thing that struck me funny was the party that Ralph Nader claims himself under. Wtf is the "Better Life" party? Is that supposed to invoke an emotional repsonse in me to vote for a "better life", even though most people don't even know who Nader is? If that's the case, then I have a solution.

In 2016, I'm running for President.

It doesn't matter what my platform is or who my running mate is. I'm going to run under the "Warm Fuzzy Kittens" party. Even if you've never heard of me, have no idea what I stand for, or even don't like me for some reason, I should be able to win your vote because it say "Warm Fuzzy Kittens" next to my name on the ballot.

If you're interested in being my running mate in 2016, be sure to reply. As long as you will be of age, are an American citizen, and you don't live in Minnesota, you can run with me. If you belong to a minority class that will give you an edge, so be sure to point that out.

My name is Lxy and I approved this message.

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That's it, I'm running for President

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  • I would go as your running mate, but I dont think I meet any of your qualifications. Speaking of which, why the hell are you requiring they be from out of MN? I think having good 'ole MinneSOtans in office could do some good for the country. Bush has his oil, we have... trees? Lakes? Well, at least Hotdish (tm). However, since I cannot be your running mate, I feel obliged to at least be your campaign manager, since I did start the adverts for you before anyone else. I will have a unique approach, unlike

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