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Journal berck's Journal: words I can't spell 7

I wonder if anyone will ever read this again.

I got a hand-addressed envelope today. Those are very rare these days, so I was rather surprised I got one. I don't know the last time was I got a letter from someone. I guess it was when I was in Rome and e-mail was scarce. Sometimes I'd get real mail sooner.

Inside the envelope was a form letter inviting me to join an open house interview thing for a flight attendant job. I've applied to probably hundreds of jobs in the past few weeks. I've gotten all of ONE rejection, two automated responses and one "We're considering you" form letter. This is the only interview I've gotten, even though it appears to just be a massive screening thing. I guess getting invited to the open house was the first step. I wonder if they'll have any interest in me if I actually go. While I will unless I find a better job in the meantime.

I'm not sure how much I'd like working as a flight attendant, but at least it pays. Sort of. If I get hired I'll have to go through a month of training during which "You will not be paid, but we will provide you with $20 per diem to help with food." Gee. $20/day. And if I get hired, it'll probably be a $15k/year job at best. Not terribly exciting, but you only have to work like 80 hours a week and get to to fly free. It's with a Delta Connections, which means I'd get travel privelleges on Delta. Delta goes everywhere. Course, I'd have to make enough money to actually afford anything once I got there...

Anyway, it sounds like a job I might be able to do for awhile without killing someone or myself. We shall see. I somehow doubt anything will come of it. Just one of those feelings.

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words I can't spell

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  • A potential flight attendant on slashdot? Eh? I just wonder where you come from? I thought most slashdot readers (who work, not the pimple-faced kind) were in IT or some scientific career. Now I understand that IT is hard to find a job in today, but the leap to a flight attendant is beyond me. I don't even see why you would have applied?

    Besides, I always thought that flight attendants didn't have such a bad pay. That of course may be another misconception I have.

    I'd say: good luck... you never know. :-)

    • A potential flight attendant on slashdot? Eh? I just wonder where you come from? I thought most slashdot readers (who work, not the pimple-faced kind) were in IT or some scientific career.

      For starters I'm a pimple-faced person working in IT, although I could really live with not having inherited this complexion from my mom's side of the family. Then add in I used to work for a railroad (started by laying track [grew two really hudge arms then] and worked up to being an engineer) and was a professional musician (toured Europe twice, played on a cruise ship, released two albums) before I gave all that up to drive a desk and you've got one really odd /.'er here.

      Besides, I always thought that flight attendants didn't have such a bad pay. That of course may be another misconception I have.

      Something about what you said has me hearing Carlin in the back of my head: "I call them the lady on the plane..." but anyway, what about the misconception they spend their hours fighting terrorists with the help of Welsey Snipes all the while inflating the automatic pilots when they get a tad low on pressure...

      And speaking of Carlin, if the journal'er does make to be a flight attendant, would you work to correct the grammar of "get on the plane" (fsck you, I'm getting in the plane - there seems to be less wind) and the whole "preboard" issue?
      • Hey Helio? Did I say something wrong to deserve this flame? Or did I forgot to take my grain of salt the size of Canada with me?

        First of all: I'm a pimple-faced IT guy myself (also inheriting that from my mom's side). You know, it's self-derision :-)

        About flight attendants: I respect these people. I actually had quite some interesting conversations with them. They are not dumb at all and I did not imply this in any way. I tend to see them as a "waiter on a plane", but they are more. I know that, you know that, they know that.

        Besides...who is Carlin? And where did I make a spelling mistake? English is not my native language even if that is a lame excuse.

        • Hey, sorry, didn't intend anything to be a flame - been having some rough days at work lately and maybe I was in a bad mood: who knows. In any event, I'm sorry.

          And by Carlin I'm refering to George Carlin of course, stand up comedian type creature.

          What is your native tongue by the way? Any good euphamisms you enjoy in learing Enrish? My parents both spoke PA dutch in the home for portions of their lives, I know my mom's side for sure had a long history of that. Never a dull moment with that really catchy "Can you catch flies?" joke for which I never truely saw the humor. Oh well, probably something lost in the translation.

          Well, back to hoping someone invents an air based drug that kills precisely 50 brain cells - when that is achieved we will unleash it at work, thus removing permanently my entire group except for me (someone else's plan - not mine). Suggestions?
    • Okay, now I'm thoroughly bemused. Not only is SOMEONE reading my journal, but TWO someones. And, furthermore, they're random /.'ers I don't know.

      Well, hi there. First: I'm not you're average /.'er, so the fact that I'm applying for a position as a flight attendant isn't THAT odd. Unless you happen to know me.

      And if you knew me, you'd find the fact that I applied for a position as a flight attendant to be really weird. While not pimply-faced, I am a geek, and would prefer working in an IT department. Unfortunately, my resume seems to be unable to attract any interviews. Since I don't have so much as a college degree, this isn't too terribly surprising.

      As for getting "on" the plane, I'm not sure where that phrase came from, but I'll be glad to do my best to correct it if at all possible. IF I get the job.

      My getting the job is extremely unlikely anyway. I seem to be destined to be out of work forever. Perhaps if I got off my ass an finished my CCNA I *might* be able to get a job.

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