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Journal tomhudson's Journal: No Hallowe'en Poll this year? 10

Looks like slashdot won't be running this poll or this poll this year, so here it is, combining both polls:

Favorite Halloween Activity?

[ ] 1. Knott's Scary Farm
[ ] 2. Braving local haunted houses
[ ] 3. Turning my home into a pit of evil
[ ] 4. Tricking
[ ] 5. Treating
[ ] 6. Pumpkin smashing
[ ] 7. Dressing up like the opposite sex
[ ] 8. Dressing up like the same sex
[ ] 9. A playtime for the devil! Beware!
[ ] 10. Mmm, kandy korn.
[ ] 11. Don't ask, still repressing last years.
[ ] 12. Mmmmm, kandy korn.
[ ] 13. My birthday.
[ ] 14. Darn kids, get off my property. Hey, don't throw that egg!
[ ] 15. What? I thought today was Christmas!
[ ] 16. CowboyNeal in a ten-gallon hat, with kandy korn.
[ ] 42.Other

I don't know if it's the political climate, the weather, or what, but most of the people I know are taking a pass on Hallowe'en parties this year (sux).

Me, I'm debating between #3 and crashing a party.

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No Hallowe'en Poll this year?

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  • Silo X []

    Sadly, I no longer live in STL.

    • Yeash! Looks like someone has a pretty slick setup going. I'd love to help design that one. Or even more fun would be to dress up in black and try to sneak through and scare the people doing the scaring. :-)

      nigh vision goggles anyone?
      • Silo X was interesting too in that the first room is lit with green from above and FILLED with smoke. You cannot see a foot in front of you, the room is full of people, and you have to figure out how to get out. Very very freaky. And lots of fun.
  • Hey, I'm Richard Nixon, nobody likes me anyway so I might as well be honest.

    Does anyone really like Candy Corn?
  • 14 for me here..

    Damned kids are little s**ts all year round, throwing crap into our garden, destroying the hedge, then come round for one day a year demanding free sweets under threats of vandalism!!

    If I had a garage, I'd hide the car in there, turn all the lights out, ignore the door and play doom3 the whole night in the dark..

    I'm only 23, why do I feel like an old man :(

    Hey, you, OFF THE GRASS!
    • You just need a remote activated sprinkler system that is aimed to cover your front walk. It doesn't have to cover the door because the real pricks don't get that close. Add in a camera system so you can see them walking past the house... possibly a microphone.

      Best part would be that it just looks like the sprinkler ssytem turned on and "accidentally" hosed them walking past on the sidewalk. Of course you have to leave it on for a few minutes so they don't know that they were being targeted.

  • went pumpkin farming with the kids -- check
    haunted house (also at the pumpkin farm) -- check
    going to a party tomorrow dressed as jack sparrow (same sex) - check
    T|T on Sunday (both going out with the kids and manning the candy bowl) -- check
    pumpkin carved too early disintegrated and so had to be smashed -- check
    front of house transformed into pit of death/evil -- check
    candy corn -- check,check
    damn kids, get off my lawn (there are always a couple little shits) -- check

    I can't help myself, fall is my favorite
  • I would be "braving" the local haunted houses, if I hadn't seem them all already anyway.

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