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Journal berck's Journal: Headphones 2

While I'm wearing headphones, I can't really hear Spot meow. I'm not sure if this is good or not.

I'm bored and tired. I feel like going to sleep, but I don't feel as though it's late enough to go to sleep. So I type.

I was playing with google and found this which seemed pretty interesting. I'd love to be a racecar driver.

My car's doing okay, though it needs new tires badly. And I need a job even more badly so that I can get it new tires. I've applied for endless jobs with not a single offer. Not even a single real rejection. Just silence.

It's hot in Atlanta. Dad says it isn't, but from my point of view, it's hot.

I'm not sure if I like mike's hard lemonade or not. I like it better than Zima (I like most things better than Zima) and better than Smirnoff Ice (which I'll drink). It tastes like a lemon-ey version of Smirnoff Ice. I wonder if I should worry about drastically bad things happening to me if I drink it. Probably not.

I wonder if I should keep this on one of the real journal sites. Probably have added functionality. But, it's already here. So here it stays, at least for now. Considering the last time I typed at it was nearly 6 months ago, I can't imagine moving this simply for bi-annual use.

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