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Journal thelenm's Journal: Bush-Cheney yard sign stolen 2

Someone stole a Bush-Cheney yard sign out of my front lawn last night. It was kind of windy overnight, so I thought there was a possibility it had blown away... until I approached the spot where it formerly stood, and saw trampled grass where the thief had placed his feet. I suppose it was bound to happen. Ever since I put the sign up, I've been expecting it to be stolen or vandalized. Some Bush-hater has now proven my expectations to be founded. Or maybe I created my own reality via self-fulfilling prophecy. Either way, it pisses me off.

It's not that the sign was expensive, or that stealing a political yard sign ranks highly relative to others on a list of crimes against society. It's that it was my sign, in my yard. It was me expressing my opinion. Stealing my sign amounts to censorship against my point of view, on my own property, and I do not like it. Even though I was expecting it (which is sad, really), there is a sense of personal violation. I notice that my neighbor's "No on Amendment 3" sign was not stolen. I guess his opinion is more acceptable to the yard sign thieves.

Screw them. I'm going down to Republican Party headquarters in Salt Lake City this afternoon, and buying three yard signs to replace the one that was stolen. And I'm going to smear the edges with shoe polish or something else that is sticky and messy, so if anyone steals my new signs, at least they'll get a nice handful of gunk. Hmm, it's too bad I threw away all the dog poop I picked up from the yard a few days ago. Got any other ideas?

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Bush-Cheney yard sign stolen

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  • Look for someone with a new Bush-Cheney sign on his front lawn. It's probably your sign, and the bastard took it, too cheap to buy his own.

    I'm not sure why you're blaming this on a "Bush hater", what would they do with a Bush-Cheney sign? *rolls eyes*

  • This is a democracy, and come election time, you can expect supporters of opposing parties to want to express their support as loudly as possible. With the airwaves so congested as to require regulation, with the Internet comprised largely of hubs of alike supporters, and with the prohibitive cost of publishing newspapers, it's no surprise that many of us prefer to post signs supporting our favored candidate in our gardens.

    Signs do not merely serve to persuade those on the opposing side to vote for our ca

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