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Journal Snaller's Journal: Google Groups 2 - sucks 2

Well, it finally happened: They do evil. Boy do the new layout suck, for me its 50% less screen space. Their lame (as in bad) page design causes it to close be unreadable and some functionality is way down.

I rue the day when Google Groups 1 is gone - pity i didn't buy stocks, i could have sold them again!

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Google Groups 2 - sucks

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  • You can still drill down into the Usenet archives in exactly the same way. And I like the idea of tagging message threads and newsgroups for easy retrieval. It will be a great time-saver for me the next time I need to research something by going back through Usenet.

    I suppose it helps if you've got a large high-resolution screen. I would agree that it might be cramped at, say, 640x480 ...

    • I am not likely to find the features because of it displays so badly for me (on 1024x768) - some of the problems are of course because they didn't expect people to switch of font sizes (which i have to do, and i can't just switch them on for one size).

      I could be far more constructive in what i don't like, but i doubt they care and so i abbreviate it to: The new design sucks.

      I only hope the old one lasts a long time :-/

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