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Journal blueforce's Journal: George Bush's visit today

This is about the closets thing I have to a blog so I figured I'd write about GW coming to town today.

I work in downtown Canton, OH about 150 yards from the venue where George Bush is speaking this afternoon.

This is actually the second trip he's made to Canton during this campaign.

It's about the biggest thing to happen in Canton since.... it was founded? Maybe since the Hall of Fame game.

Anyway, there are "snipers" on the rooftops (there aren't many rooftops so they stick out pretty good). F-15's flying around.

There are tons of people here - protesters, supporters, you name it. The full spectrum of society showed up today.

Lunch is over, time to see what's going on. No kidding. We're standing in front of our office building on the sidewalk and this guy, looking like something straight from a thrash metal band walks up, stands right beside us, nobody says a word for about 2 minutes, then asks "What's with all the people, dude?" Someone tells him "Bush is speaking at the palace today". He gives a long thoughtful, concentrated look then says "Whoa. George?"

One thing that's interesting - people with tickets have been lined up on the sidewalk out front since early this morning. He's speaking at The Palace theatre, which holds about 1507 people, at 13:45. They've been letting people in since early this morning but at 13:00 today there was still a line several blocks long waiting to get in. Talk about tight security.

Saw the motorcade drive by at about 88 mph. Well, maybe 35 anyway. George and Laura waved. I think they were looking right at me!

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George Bush's visit today

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