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Journal smoker2's Journal: Palming /.

Well, here I am, just past midnight, sitting in the dark, adding a journal entry to /. using a Palm Tungsten C.
I have been trying to read some of the articles from the front page, but it soon became apparent, that with the average page size around 160k, it was going to be a laborious process.

I have turned off images, which helps (slightly :-\) and tried to browse at +2 but the pages are just too long. While we're on the page size thing, I am wearing a small groove in the bottom of the touch screen scrolling from side to side so much.
And if I accidentally activate a link while scrolling, it takes ages to get "Web Browser" under control, and back to where I was again. Not quite ready for prime time IMHO.
It would be nice if /. provided a single column, text only version of the site, just for us poor Palm (ab)users !
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Palming /.

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