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Journal cloudmaster's Journal: That engine

Well, I got the engine put together. I decided to just leave it stock so I could sell all of the junk in the garage and keep some useful stuff, instead fo selling the useful stuff and being stuck with some old crap cylinder heads, an old cast-iron intake, and an old 2-bbl carb. No, it didn't actually take me several months to put it back together, but I figured I'd go ahead and post an update for the benefit of both people who look at my journal. :) Oh, wanna buy an '80 Caprice 2-dr?

Also, comments are disabled on future car posts. It seems that anonymous cowards, who are below my view threshold, BTW, feel compelled to post uninformedly on my car journal entries. Like the idiot who claimed that lower compression raises power somehow. That moron says the exact same engine made more power with less compression in '71 than '70, but then goes on to explain that the cam and head design also changed. Huh. Imagine that. I wonder if the cam, head design, and carb had anything to do with the power increase? I wonder why the higher-compression LS-6 454 (the *real* 454) made more power than both of the LS-5's put together?

Anyway, coments are disabled since it's mostly just idiots commenting anyway. I don't much care what uninformed idiots have to say, and non-idiots can find other ways. Maybe one day I'll subscribe, and limit posting to friends. Maybe.

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