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XBox (Games)

Journal KevMar's Journal: Halo_2_DVD9_PAL_XBOXDVD-DiFFUSiON

Wow, What a play by Microsoft. Halo 2 gets leaked a month early and everybody is talking about it. It happens all the time. Doom 3 was floating around in early alpha. I played Warcraft III the week before it was released and I still walked into a store and bought it when it released. Once a game gets out, little can be done to keep it underground.

Microsoft is different, Halo 2 is different. Because it is a month from release, A lot of buzz already surrounding Halo 2. Not to mention the ILoveBees marketing campaign that has attracted a lot of attention. And to top it off, Microsoft says yes it was leaked and do not download it. Then every media outlet covers the story. Now everyone is blogging about it and some suspect Microsoft of releasing it. What they say doesn't matter, as long as they don't link to the download or DVD 5 conversion kits, it becomes harder and harder to find. What has happened is a flood of references to the Halo 2 leak talking about it while the actual leaked files get lost in the mess.

Only Microsoft could pull this off. Every thing they do becomes news, good or bad. I have already preordered my copy of halo 2 so I don't care if I play it early or not. I am just doing my part to keep the chatter going.

I am done writing, any further reference to halo 2 download and to the dvd9 to dvd5 conversion kits or the negative buffer inverter or the French PAL version is mentioned to up the listing in search engines. Bungie did an excellent job with Halo. Halo 2 DVD9 PAL XBOXDVD DiFFUSiON, trust no one.

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