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Journal bluefairee's Journal: big favor to ask...take two 7

i wrote this great grovelling journal a minute ago,and then realized i put it dave's journal, so here goes again.

i have a humongous favor to ask of ALL of you. dave's b-day is today. he never talks about it and from what i've been able to tell over the last few years, he never really does anything and neither does anyone else. i've only seen on card this year and that was from his parents.

you all know or have an idea of how rough this past month has been for him. he's been very strong and supportive of me and i really want to give something back. to do this i need EVERYONES help.

the favor is this: if you have his home address, please send him a belated b-day card. if you have his phone number please call him and wish him a happy b-day. his email address is posted on his site so even a hokey virtual card would be very much welcomed.

i've taken a lot this month. i've not really done a great job of giving him what he wants which is to keep fighting and to take care of myself. i'm working on that. in the meantime i feel like this is something i can do. gather everyone up and give him a really great week of late birhtday wishes. i've taken so much and it's time he gets something besides hang in theres.

i don't know how many read this JE but it will help get the word out if you send messages to all the people you know, especially the one's that know him. i don't really care if they don't know great would that be if ALL his friends did something and then strangers on top of that!!!

if you are up to is i'm not even opposed to an actual gift. for you geeks out there who have a frye's near you, he's in love with the place. a gift cert. would most certainly put a huge much needed smile on his face. for the rest of you who want to send a gift you probrably know better then me what he'd enjoy. the attention and cards alone i'm sure will blow him away, but i want this to big done in a huge way and only you guys can help me with this.

so, i get down on my knees and i beg and kiss the feet of everyone so that you will do this for him. i know it won't be much of a surprise since he reads the JE, but if the response is what i'm hoping for then that will be the biggest surprise of all.

again i'm begging, i need EVERYONES help on this even people i don't know. get the word out. i want this for him. please help me do/give something good back to him. i love him very much and my heart aches for all the pain i've put him thru these past weeks. i NEED to help give something back, so please take this request and go wild with it. i know you guys care a great deal for him too, so help me give him the most memorable birhtday ever!

this has been a message from the blue emergency broadcasting system. THIS IS NOT A TEST...I REPEAT IT IS NOT A TEST...this is a true emergency.

thanks, a begging on her knees praying to any god that will listen that this

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big favor to ask...take two

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  • Can I ask for something in return (for an e-card)?

    I want to ask you to start using capital letters.
    • screw that, ask for her to call us instead of cutting!!!

      (we love you, blue!!!)

      • Nah...I want capital letters!

        Humor, it's humor, people.

        He got an e-card from me. I hope he likes it.

      • Re:I'm Monty Hall (Score:3, Insightful)

        by turg ( 19864 ) *
        That too. I figured that had already been made clear.

        I do think that it makes it harder to let go of despair if one keeps wearing the symbols of despair (and yes, I'm only guessing that the lack of caps is such a symbol for blue, and it is not such a symbol in many/most other cases, but I think it's a pretty good guess here)
        • sig>I told you not to put potatoes in the popcorn popper.

          That made me laugh out loud. That still makes me laugh. Did you get it from somewhere in particular?
          • Well my eBay auction (to which I had been linking from my sig) was over so I was on the spot to come up with a new sig. I couldn't think of any clever quote or reference so I made one up. It's supposed to sound like one of those movie reference type of sigs. I like to imagine people googling and using the imdb movie quote search to figure out the reference.
    • i see several words in this JE written in all caps.

      nevermind. i'm just being a smartass.

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