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Journal SuiteSisterMary's Journal: American Elections for Non Americans? 4

Speaking as a Canadian, I'm curious. According to the polls, Americans are pretty much evenly split between Kerry and Bush.

As a Canadian, with easy access to American television, let alone Internet access to all sorts of goodies, I've formed my own opinions about the Presidential race.

My questions for other non-Americans are: Bush or Kerry? Why?

Edit: Oh,and I also find it interesting that when asked about importing American drugs from Canada, Bush tried to compare them to third world products, in the second debate, but when asked last night about flu vaccine, he said they were getting some from Canada.

BTW, my prediction for the winner is Kerry; he's taller, and has better hair, than Bush. This fufills both of Scott Adam's requirements for winning the presidency.

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American Elections for Non Americans?

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  • This is probably at least as scientific as a journal poll :-) []

    BUSH: 2,888 Votes 17%
    KERRY: 11,639 Votes 69%
    NADER: 903 Votes 5%
    AMONDSON: 11 Votes
    BADNARIK: 527 Votes 3%
    BROWN: 156 Votes 1%
    CALERO: 68 Votes
    COBB: 342 Votes 2%
    JAY: 78 Votes
    PARKER: 57 Votes
    PELTIER: 95 Votes 1%
    PEROUTKA: 45 Votes
    TEMPLIN: 21 Votes
    VANAUKEN: 69 Votes

    You can subtract out the USA votes to get the non-USA tally if you care to, but I leave that as an exercise for the reader.
  • Because he is not Bush....... :-)

    Seriously though, one of the many reasons I am voting for Kerry is that he can actually think on his feet and entertain ideas that *might* not be so black and white. In other words, he is able to consider that an issue may have more than two possible implications/outcomes/solutions.

    In addition, there are a whole host of other reasons that I would be happy to talk about more at length, but I have to teach in about 20 minutes. Let me know if you are interested and we can c
  • Never liked Bush, he tends to destabilize the world and cause rifts between cultures. Not good for the world, but good for arms-producing countries...

    And he smells bad. :P

    Seriously now, I find that anyone educated enough to be reading this forum and knowing how to use it would have a 90% chance of voting Kerry. But likened to the inbred uneducated American country masses, you may not get such an opinion if you did a poll accessible by morons.

    These are just my wild fist-swinging non-reliable feeling-based
  • Kerry, because in foreign policy he is a little less likely to be thrown into the arms of extreme right wing neo conservatives, and more likely to try to build a Clintonian consensus. Otherwise I don't see much to recommend either candidate.

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