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Cool or Stupid?

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  • I think growing stuff is great for medical reasons, but for clothes I'd rather just kill cows and other fluffy animals.
    • Well, it all depends on your definition of "growing". I had this idea of using nanobots to "seed" houses. You just get a nice plot of land and plant your house seed. Make sure it has enough raw material to work with. Fertilize the land with the needed matter, then let the seeds take root and grow your house. I picture a cross between Gaudi and HR Geiger in terms of architectural style. Since the house would grow from the ground up being assembled by armies of assembler and director bots, it could take
  • by Zeriel ( 670422 )
    This reminds me of a discussion I had with an envrionmentalist/Buddhist friend in college, who said that in her will she was going to insist that she be skinned, tanned, and the resulting human-skin leather given to me so I'd stop wearing cow-leather jackets.

    *shrugs* Dunno what that has to do with anything, but it's a cool story.
  • by nizo ( 81281 )
    Now if they would just start growing meat in a vat, people could quit bitching about killing animals for food (plus it would probably bet waaaay better on the environment). I wonder if my veggie friends would eat meat grown this way? (heck you could even grow it in a tube shape so it could be easily cut into burgers).

    Favorite tasteless bumpersticker: If we aren't supposed to eat animals, why are they made out of meat?

    • getting there, last year some scientists were able to grow fish muscle in a vat of nutrients.

      And in opposite news I read of a sushi restaurant where the chef carefully slices the fish then puts it back in the tank while still alive. So you can sit and look at the fish swim around while you're eating it. A little Hannibal Lecterish.

    • That concept of vat grown meat was used by Rudy Rucker in his *ware series. The most popular meat was "Wendy" grown from cells of a pop star. People ate things like WendyBurgers. I personally find it distastefull.

      As to the living coat; I don't mind people doing this because it might be really useful in medicine (I know they are artists but the techniques could be transfered medicine) But as with a lot of usefull medical things I would prefer not to know about it. I prefer the "soft glowing white lite insi
  • Oh, wait, wrong poll. /i'm stupid, sooo stupid!!!!

    *hangs head*

    seriously, i don't think i could handle eating vat-grown meat, but i'd sleep better if we did that, along with the leather thing.

  • A waste of time and energy. If they could spend their time coming up with a synthetic that looks like leather, feels like leather, is cheaper than leather, and stronger than leather, then we've got something.

    Growing skin in a light bulb is just as useful as putting my personal computer in a freezer to overclock it. Wooh, look what I did! They're hacks, plain and simple.
  • *Shudder*.
    Ok won't say it grosses me out. (The idea)
    Will say it's disturbing.

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