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Journal phyruxus's Journal: Partisan Politics

I'm sick of all the raging partisan zealot conservatives, so I've decided to become a raging partisan zealot liberal. I figure, if I'm going to be called partisan, by a bunch of partisans, I might as well be partisan. I see Bush/Kerry '04 as the most important political event, ever.

But being a raging zealot isn't easy! I thought the conservatives just laid on the BS and sat back. My main goal is to do to the republicans what they've done to me - silence them and make them look bad. But it's not easy! It's easy to mistake a conservative for a bush supporter. It's easy to make the mistake of empathizing. In assessing the need to be fair to people who aren't my enemy (not bush supporters), I can't forget that I'm pressing an attack. I have to be as loud and aggressive as the Bush administration and conservative talk show hosts. Unfortunately, I'm not comfortable with or good at making stuff up and passing it off as fact. So I have a weakness there. Plus, I'm just one geek in a sea of words. So I'm going to pick my battles. But I won't abandon my fellows; If I see a beleagered liberal, I'm going to jump in, even if it means getting my ass verbally handed to me. And I won't back down or apologize for saying things that piss people off unless I see reason to believe I am truly in error.

I'm not going to troll or flamebait, that would go against my cause. But I'm going to make a royal pain in the ass of myself until November 2. And I can't envision a future other than Kerry winning. If we elect John Kerry president maybe the pounding in my head that's been there since 2000 will go away. If Kerry doesn't win, I hope I die.

See you in the politics section!

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Partisan Politics

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