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Journal AviLazar's Journal: Vacation

I just got back from Israel. It is annoying how many people told me to have a safe trip and asked if I had a safe trip instead of saying "have a great trip" and "did you have a great trip?" Come on people - Israel is an awesome place. I heard there was some terrorist bombing that happend while I was there - I didnt know about it until I got back to the states...the media hypes up the news. I have a greater chance of getting killed in Philly then in Israel. While in Israel, Madonna was there - she had an awesome time also from an interview! But to emphasize a point I still have a co-worker that everytime she see's me, smiles and says "I am glad you didn't get blown up, I am happy to see you are safe"...frustrating!
I went to the beach each morning and had clear blue beaches, sunny skies and low humidity every single day, partying until 4 or 5 AM, awesome food (I eat more there and actually lose weight).
The head of the counter terrorist unit for Jeruselum gave my moms fiancee, his brother and me a tour of Jeruselum. It was great - we got past all the security check points, special access to areas...just awesome!
On the flight back I flew over a lightning storm which looked awesome!! Purple, red, blue, and white bolts of lightning arcing from cloud to cloud (hundreds of them). And after that we flew over the Swiss Alps ---again a sight to behold!

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