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Journal benj_e's Journal: The selective memories of users

We've been having a big con-fab this week with users from all our campuses and our ERP vendor. The idea is to get the users excited again about using the software.

While I agree that this is a Good Thing, there are some things that are irritating about it. One of those things is that when the vendor says something about the software, the users all go "wow, we didn't know it could do that" - even though we told them *3* years ago that it could.

I know that this is a common problem - what some people call the "consultant effect" - where an outside expert comes in and tells people the exact same things that the staff has been saying for years, and it suddenly becomes a priority.

But being a common problem doesn't make it any less irritating. If they won't listen to us on what the software can do, why are we even here?

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