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Journal VTBassMatt's Journal: Homebrew

Alright, so I think the time has finally come to take a serious stab at homebrewing. I love beer and I keep pretending I'm gonna buy some equipment but I never do. Well, this Christmas I'm going to ask the loved ones for various pieces of equipment (hey, I'm still an undergrad, and I'm looking at 5 more years after I get out, so money's gonna be tight for a while).

Thank you, Slashdot, and especially user toxic666, for encouraging this new development. Slashdot for running the article about how Crapweiser is coming out with "caffeinated beer", giving me an opportunity to post about one of my favorite subjects. toxic666, for your inspiring espresso porter recipe. I shall have to determine your email address and ask you for it once I acquire the necessary equipment...

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