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Journal Sfing_ter's Journal: The FEAR

Well, it is once again upon me. As HST called it, THE FEAR. There is something ominous hanging in the wings and it's very breath is upon us. This election in a month is going to be a decision between life and death for many of the youth in our nation. We have returned to 60's in a not so cool way.

Understand this before you go any further; Bush and Kerry both want to stay in Iraq. To do so they will need more bodies, they do not have enough. Round about the 15th of november expect the DRAFT to be re-instated. If you have children between the ages of 17-26, you will be sending them to die by voting for either one of these 2 fucktards.

It can't be said any more plainly. A vote for the democraps or th repubicans will be a vote to KILL PEOPLE.

I can't and won't. I will vote for Badnarik. I still won't be able to sleep but, I will at least have voted my conscience.

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