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Journal Trolling4Dollars's Journal: The Only Reason Computers Exist: Making Music 3

OK. Hopefully that got your attention. Especially those of you who are electronic musicians like me. I am riding high right now because I just compiled and installed Linuxsampler along with it's GUI interface "QSampler" (can be found in a link from the Linuxsampler page). What is this, you may ask me? And I will tell you... it's a software based sampler akin to the Tascam Gigasampler product for Windows. It's in ALPHA right now, so it's not exactly stable, full featured or reliable. But it's a VERY nice start to something that is likely to beat the pants off of Gigasampler and hardware based turnkey systems. I should know since I've worked with the following samplers:

1. Ensoniq Mirage
2. Emu Emulator III
3. Emu Emax
4. New England Digital Synclavier
5. Roland S550
6. Roland S760

It's quite exciting to see my P4 outperforming my own Roland S760 in terms of sound quality and polyphony. I paid $2400 for the S760 back in 1994 and you'd be hard pressed to find a used one these days for less than $1500, they're that good. But, with the style of playing I have, you can go through 24 notes of polyphony pretty fast. That means it can be a pain to sequence your stuff in muptiple passes from MIDI to audio tracks just to emulate more notes of polyphony. After seeing this program, I'm hoping that within the next few years, my studio will be completely inside my PC with only an 88 key weighted action MIDI keyboard as the interface. It looks like Linuxsampler is going to support Gigasampler and Akai sample formats which opens up a pretty decent library of sounds. However, it would be REALLY awesome to be able to get my hands on old Fairlight samples... :)

I'm happy! Happy!! HAPPY!!!!

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The Only Reason Computers Exist: Making Music

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