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Journal MondoMor's Journal: Why Trolls Should Embrace the Meta-Mod System

This is a repost of an earlier Journal Entry. I'm a real believer in Meta-Mod abuse, so I'd like to keep reminding those of you who read my JEs to get on it. Those of you who are permanently labeled "Trolls" by editors should probably start a "slashdot-friendly" account, where you parrot the irrational and ignorant postings of the nearest Slashbot zealot, gain karma, and after a time be able to abuse the system to your heart's content.

I should point out that, AT NO TIME should your meta-mod-abuse account use any moderation points it earns to mod up any trolls, or mod down slashbots. You risk being blackballed, and wasting all that patient effort. If you wish to accrue and abuse mod points, know that the account will probably be found and rendered "Terrible" by one of the know-nothing "editors".

I know I've been making a lot of noise about how meta-mod can be used as a tool to increase the noise.

Here's a real-world example. This post came to me for meta-modding. The moderation I was assigned to meta-mod was the one UP-MODDING the post to "Interesting". Of course I marked it "fair", because whatever moderator sacrificed a mod point for that post deserves to be rewarded.

By meta-modding that moderation as "fair", I'm helping ensure that moderator gets mod points again.

Conversely (inversely? I can never remember), there was this post. My job was to meta-moderate one of the upmods given to it ("+1 Interesting"). *YAWN* That's surely not noise. Whatever moderator used a point to mod that up surely doesn't deserve to keep his moderation ability, so I mark it "UNFAIR".

I wish I had a better example of an "UNFAIR" moderation, but you can imagine a slashbot spouting some tired anti-Microsoft FUD. When these are modded up, I mark those moderations "UNFAIR" with extreme prejudice.

In this way I'm using Slashdot's own moderation system to reward trolls and punish... well... anyone who isn't a troll.

If more trolls were to (ab)use the meta-mod system, it'd be safer for them to abuse the MOD system, and hasten the inevitable Slashdot implosion. I get the opportunity to meta-mod twice a day. It takes a couple of minutes, and I get to do my part.



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Why Trolls Should Embrace the Meta-Mod System

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