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Journal stuffduff's Journal: glat

Yesterday I got an e-mail from a student to which had been appended the puzzle: WWWDOT-GOOGLE=DOTCOM. I like puzzles, so after solving it I decided to track down it's origins. I guess I missed the /. article. Anyway, here's my take WFIW.
  1. 555378-177104=378274
  2. the hot to be cool
    the cool to become warmer
    can i have more ram?
  3. 12212111
  4. E
  5. Unix isn't broken, it is only misunderstood by the inexperienced. At some level, each of us individually reaches a point at which we are individually inexperienced. Only shared understandings have any meaning. Do you understand? Live free or die. (However if I were to design an operating system around a product I might view things differently ... )
  6. E
  7. E
  8. 17280: Blue@450nm, Yellow-Green@550nm and Red@650nm (nice round numbers)
  9. 365731913 * 11
  10. 1 ohm
  11. I'd do that stuff on Saturday afternoon, and organize for the week to wind (are we flying a kite or energizing a toy?) down on on Sunday.
  12. pi = c/r
  13. D
  14. It's not in the quality or quantity of items/concepts, it's in the interpretations of the understandings of the relationships between the items/concepts. Users tend to refine their searches in an interative manner. Those iterations represent (hopefully, from the searcher's point of vew) a refinement in the result set. If we organize the data in an N directed graph, we can allow for navigation of the result data set by the intention of the searcher with respect to the relationships of the items/concepts. In effect we can data mine the searches indexed by IP and, by comparison of enough sets begin to explore the overall solution set for locii of interest.
  15. D
  16. Determine the Centriod (P) by bisecting the three sides of the triangle ABC with the compass and extending the three medians to their intersection with the ruler. Then use the ruler to connect the three verticis of ABC with the Centriod P.
  17. 0 (zero)
  18. Use of indirection in MUMPS to allow code to morph itself to adapt to circumstances rather than individually coding for each possible circumstance. Probably applicable in python too.
  19. (N!)/(N/2)! However, there is a special case, if mapped to the empty set means we have an exact identical outcome: We each have Nothing!
  20. D
  21. Stimulating the mind with interesting problems and formulating solutions that are downright sexy. Finding the page curl of reality and pulling it back to see the machineries within.



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