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Journal Hemos's Journal: I'm....waiting for the man...twenty dollars in my hand...

So, the last day or so has been trying to make do with having Rakanishu, my Thinkpad T20 laptop, still away being fixed. Evidently, the main system board controller, or somesuch, on the board's power controller went blamo, and it was randomly power cycling itself. You can imagine how much Linux liked that.

While it's been gone, I've been using my old laptop, Hunter, which is a Sony Vaio Z505SX. It's one of those vaios that everybody was getting at one point in time - except people stopped getting them when they started breaking all the time. This machine is now almost two years old, and still seems to be hanging in there, but it's a bit rough. The hard drive has gotten noticeably louder, the keyboard has gotten stickier. So, I'm just waiting for the nice folks in IS to send back my old laptop.

I've started watching the original Dragon Ball series. I've been a fan of Dragon Ball Z, and it's fun to watch the original. The Japanese anime culture is one that amazes me - how many different storylines and such, and different developments exist within this realm. As my wife points out, tho', Dragon Ball, or really most anime, is just sort of watching a soap opera in a different form. I try to point out that Days Of Our Lives does not feature "Solar Flare and Run", but she doesn't see the glory of that.

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