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Journal Deskpoet's Journal: A moderation that lacked moderation

After posting a few times over the past weeks as an AC, I decided that I would own my opinion today, and posted the following message, which some moderator, in their infinite wisdom, rated as "flamebait":

Best in a contest of losers....... (Score:1, Flamebait)
by Deskpoet on Friday June 07, @03:39PM (#3662683)

Even though this posting is not news and it seems to matter only to arrested adolescent fanboys, I'll throw this comment into the ring:

How can anything be called "the best" when there is nothing of note anywhere on the horizon? I suppose in a world where Buffy flies star-fighters or Dark Angel wields a light-sabre, but since these cosmic convergences/market-driven plotlines have yet to be realized, one has to look at the present lot, and strongly qualify what one means by best. Indeed, one should refrain from using the word at all when discussing current televised speculative fiction.

A Friday afternoon on /. is becoming more and more like hanging out at Cheers with Norm and Cliff.

Now, I'll grant that this was a bit harsh for a throw-away thread such as this, but flamebait? Perhaps only to those who are offended by their striking resemblence to the fanboy remark.

When I moderate, even if I don't agree with what's being said, points are given for levels of sophistication above "fuck you". In this message, I *was* saying this, in effect, to the lamers who drool their hours away in front of the Sci-Fi Channel (what an ugly phrase; where's Harlan Ellison when you need him?), but in a manner that was lacking in profanity, while staying within the theme of the question, and extending the discussion using a television allusion to comment on the sad quality of /. "news" on a Friday afternoon. One wonders what little droid took this to be an entreaty to flaming; one wonders if moderator points are dispensed too easily to fragile personalities suffering from borderline autism (the next step in evolution, they'll assure you, with their soulless eyes.)

I realize not everyone can separate themselves from their distractions, but to mod this particular posting as "flamebait" is an abuse, I think. (I could see Over-rated, maybe, but flamebait?)

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A moderation that lacked moderation

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