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Journal Judg3's Journal: This journal is now my personal swap meet

Greetings, Fellow slashdotians.

I have re-classed my Journal away from the usual droll tales about everyday life into something more useful: Hardware Requests

I've been thinking of taking a vacation this November, and as such would like to pick up the parts I need to finish up a nice slew of hardware hacking projects! Below is the list of what I need - I don't wish to pay a whole lot, so if you want me to pay much more then shipping, well then I'll probably have to pass.
Part of the reason I'm doing it this way is lack of funds, the other part is because I might not be looking for parts that are easy to find. Either way, here's the list:

  • 1 Etch-A-Sketch - large, in my dreams the actual screen would be 15"
  • 1 Set-top DVD Player - Circa 1998-1999 or so. It needs to be single disk, and big
  • iPaq or some other device that will run GPS and NetStumbler - this I know I'll pay more for, but I don't need one in awesome shape, just something that works (A small laptop would work to, I'd reckon, but not have the batt life)
  • 1 old Digital Camera, around the 1.0MP range. To be scavenged for a time-lapse photography project

More to be added later.

If you think you can help out, please email jpavleck(AT)

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This journal is now my personal swap meet

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