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Journal Judg3's Journal: It's my birthday - buy me something - FreeIpods.com works! 2

It's my birthday tomorrow - I'll be 28. Help me celebrate by buying me something. (This is like the 4th year I've posted this, and it never happens - I'd probably drop dead if it did hehehe).

Oh, how am I celebrating my birthday weekend so far? Well, I'm babysitting our company's core application and trying to keep it running good until we get into our maintenence window. (P.S. - I hate Weblogic. Hate it so very, very much. Then again, we are on an old version - the newer, nicer ones aren't approved to run our app. *sigh*)

What did I get for my birthday? (Well, a day before my birthday)
The Clerks 10th anniversary edition DVD, Clerks X
The Simpsons, season 4
Jersey Girl
Clerks the Cartoon - Uncensored DVD
(Can you tell I'm a Kevin Smith fan?)

I also got my free ipod this week from FreeIpods.com - so I was totally tanked ab out that. I'm so happy Gratis Internet and their promotions aren't scams. So feel free to help me get a free flatscreen or a free PC.

Anyway, have a good one guys!

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It's my birthday - buy me something - FreeIpods.com works!

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