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Journal Nyder's Journal: a post I made is considered *flamebait* what a joke! 2

Got to love slashdot at times. I make an innocent question/observation of bluetooth and seem to have offended some people! Not mention getting typicalized.

idiots. makes me laugh. now I understand why some people get all worked up about mod'ders. Doesn't mean I agree with them, quite the opposite actually, but I do now understand why they get pitted. I personally chalk it up to people are stupid.

but the funny part is, besides the couple of items some people mention, the majority of stuff does not have bluetooth support.
Yes, logitech has a bluetooth keyboard and I think 2 different mice, but they have like 20 other keyboards, not bluetooth. Very few motherboards come with bluetooth in them. sure, you can get an add on card that has bluetooth, but you have a larger selection of wireless cards.

I know this isn't the place for this, but I'm not repling back to the discussion because there is 1 thing I almost never do here at slashdot, and that's to go back to disccustions I replied or posted to, and respond to the responses to my post.

Sorry, NO. they only reason I knew about this is because the settings told me I have a message waiting for me. need to turn that off, but I do like to know if something I posted was helpful to others.

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a post I made is considered *flamebait* what a joke!

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