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Better Late Than Never

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  • Saw your journal entry about this: [timestamp] "GET http://slashdot.org/ok.txt HTTP/1.0" 404

    ...which is archived, so I can't post the answer there. We had a similar discussion in my journal a while back.

    The first time you access slashdot from your ip in a 24-hour period, they'll try to get a file from their server through your server. If your server then goes out to their server and tries to fetch ok.txt, your proxy is open to the world, instead of just forwarding your requests (it's forwar

    • Heh. Yeah, thanks. I eventually found posts that seemed to stem from similar log entries, although one isolated event in my log (server code of 200) really had me second-guessing everything, But I found out later that I wasn't running a proxy.

      I built the web server when I barely knew what I was doing, and didn't upgrade it until recently, so I (/me is sheepish) didn't even know if the proxy would be on by default (doubted it though) or if I had turned it on by accident (wouldn't have doubted it too muc

  • ...for something completely different: Congrats on your son's second birthday! :) I wanted to post to the original JE, but this one was the only I could reply to, so sorry for being OT. Unfortunately I don't happen to be on the same continent today even though I tried so you'll have to celebrate without this European, but I bet you'll be having a good time anyways.

    So celebrate, have a beer with the guys, hug your son a lot, and congratulate your wife and yourself on the great job you've done so far. :)

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