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Journal Liora's Journal: Update... 1

Hello. I am back. Some snippets of my life...

...Bread Box - The gig at The Bridge went well. Thanks to all of you for coming. Thanks to my band members for being cooler than me. All in all, it wasn't a bad second performance. I can't complain.

...Plainfield, IN - My little sister has too much energy. Dad and Shimmin discussed the pros and cons of using satellite driven microwaves to stop hurricanes and discussed the economics of such a system as well (conclusion: insurance companies would be happy to pay a million to save them a billion). Dorothy was there but I didn't get to talk to her much. Strange. Grandma W and Dorothy dug up a bunch of irises for us and we picked them up after getting back to the Indy airport from Denver yesterday. I like Grandma W a lot.

...Fort Morgan, CO - Grandparent S's doing ok. I like Grandma S a lot. Cut down branches. Shimmin climbed a tree and cut a limb down with a bow saw! Any more than 4 pieces of TP will clog their toilet, so we paper bagged our stuff. Gross. Water tasted funny. Got bad headache w/ waves of nausea that I still have today. Funny tasting water is not good for upset tummies. Grandma S sent us home with a white phlox bulb. Rare, supposedly.

...Small group last night was moved to Perkins when one of our members had a brush with the police and some other stuff I won't go into. Eggs are not good for upset tummies.

...Went to Hardees for lunch and ate a big chicken sandwich. Sprite is good for upset tummies.

...House cleaned for what may be zero guests this evening. House cleaning is good for upset tummies.

...Pregnancy can give someone an upset tummy. No, I'm not pregnant. Yes, we even checked, because I've had a lot of nausea lately - I think I've puked on six different days in the past month, ten in the past two months.

...Made it through the pile of correspondence here at work already. Going back to project shortly.

...Finished the last of my VALT requirements so I can go back to reading things I want to read and writing my novel. Reading for fun is good for upset tummies.

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  • You know what, reading has really replaced the TV in my household lately. I have to say that I agree that reading is much more soothing.

    We also have a fish tank. Between those two things my stress levels are markedly decreased.

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