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Journal raider_red's Journal: Joining the Cult, Part 3: Settling in, traveling

I'm starting to get used to using Mac OS X for day-to-day business. In the last two weeks, I've adapted iPhoto as my key tool for importing and organizing images from my camera. I've bought my first album on iTunes.

I also toted my PowerBook to Utah for my best friend's wedding. I'm using a Targus backpack to carry the notebook and all the accessories that go with it. The first think I discovered as I was carrying my computer and camera gear through security was that I should have picked up a bag that was set up for both a camera outfit and a notebook. Carrying two bags is a bit of a pain, especially when one is a sling-bag and the other a backpack. It'll be something to get before the next plane trip.

As for the intended purposes of bringing my notebook on the trip, it performed flawlessly. Each night, I was able to download my pictures, organize them, and keep up with my email. One annoyance is that the wireless access point at our hotel didn't give a consistent connection from my room. We checked it with two IBM laptops and found the same issues with those machines. The easy solution was to put everything together after we got in for the night, and then walk down to the lobby to access the internet.

Because I had the powerbook, I was able to burn all my photos through the end of the rehearsal dinner to CD for the groom's family, who had flown in from Puerto Rico for the wedding. Also, after the reception (finally) ended, I was able to get a couple of pictures emailed out to some friends who weren't able to make it. (Special thanks to Monica, who took pictures with my camera during the actual ceremony. I was standing in the wedding as best man, and so I couldn't be troubled to hold a camera the whole time.)

All in all, this computer is wonderful.

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Joining the Cult, Part 3: Settling in, traveling

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