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Journal aebd's Journal: just a second

'You know you always head off to bed too soon. There's that period between you speaking your intentions and finally going to sleep, sometimes more immediate, others longer, as if you're actually waiting for my response before you head off. I ponder in that time, fingers caressing the keys, sometimes actually making contact, typing the words. Then there they are on the screen, just sitting there for the world to see, blazing on the screen like my own private billboard. But the world doesn't, I don't really care if they do, all I care is if you do. I decide to do it, finger heading for that one key, wavering at the failsafe point, and there you go, off to sleep. I hit it anyway, just to have it there, out, somewhere. Maybe one day I'll get around to it a little quicker, before you finally head off. i love you.'

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just a second

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