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Journal Dave2 Wickham's Journal: DAMNIT 3

I swear that it must be "Blow Up All Of Dave's Computers Week" or something.

Firstly my main machine (Athlon XP 2600+) started randomly freezing. I eventually tracked it down to graphics card and stuck an old GeForce 2MX in there. Amazingly Doom 3 ran at a high-ish FPS...

My laptop's charger is also b0rked. So I can't use my laptop, but at least I rescued my main machine.

At least, that's what I thought. My main machine won't even POST now. Which means I'm having to use this P Pro 200 server sans X to do computing stuff. WHAT FUN!

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  • THis is the thread in which we all add Monty Pythonesq references along the lines of:

    In my day we did our posing with a Commodore 64 with a broken return key and a .5 baud modem. And we liked it.
    • I suppose that compared to the old 386 (?) w/ Win 3.11 for Workgroups using the 9600 baud modem and Turnpike + Netscape 3, the P Pro 200 is a right powerful machine.

      Woudln't want to run GNOME on it though.

      (This episode has had a kinda-but-not-really resolution; I'm now using a PIII 450 w/ 128MB RAM and SuSE 9.1 Pro from the free Novell Linux kit. So powerful, but it kinda works OK. Ish.)
      • Luxury

        For a course I am planning on taking, I just read the Ritchine and Thompson article on the Unix TIme Sharing system from 1974. Some stats:
        PDP 11/45

        16 Bit words (8 Bit computer)
        144K bytes core memory
        Unix occupies 42K Bytes + Devices for a minimum core image of as little as 50 Bytes
        1M Fixed Drive space

        Actually, still more powerful than the C64.
        And blows the Vic20 I learned on out of the water.

        10 Print "Adam Rules"
        20 GOTO 10

(null cookie; hope that's ok)