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Journal techsoldaten's Journal: Moderation 1

I am getting sick of comment moderation. Not that the system itself is flawed, it's almost ideal. It's the people doing the moderating that bug me, they do not improve the quality of the posts one iota.

Case in point: I made a joke in a discussion about Dungeons and Dragons. Got modded way, way down because the moderators lack a sense of humor / are too impulsive to meaningfully read sigs. In a discussion about Half Life 2, I posted a complete lie about how to crack the game. Gets modded Interesting +42.



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  • Humor has always been a very subjective part of the moderation process. Mostly because some people completely lack a sense of it. And others are just too stupid or careless to see the joke.

    That and the moderation of "troll" for a dissident opinion for posts that should be insightful are what really bother me. Well, that and the fact that if you post at 100+ posts you'll be lucky if a moderator even sees your post. Most people just read down and all the early posts get modded. Which hardly makes them any

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