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Journal hot_Karls_bad_cavern's Journal: Fuck OpenOffice 1

Fuck OO. Fuck it. And here's why:

i use blosxom for my journal-style CMS. So, i write a loooooooooooong ass piece that i want to post at my site. i'd like to spellcheck it as i like to do - no sense in posting shit if it's riddled with a mess of errors (hell, i'm typing this directly as i don't have AbiWord in yet). So i type up all my thoughts and links and reasons and refs in emacs...just my style. It's only text, wtf, why not? i'd run into probs with OO fucking up my quotes, so emacs it was and then just spellcheck that bitch in OO ya?

Not so, dear brother, not so. i opened her up, spellchecked and proofed it. All good to go ya? Lo and motherfucking behold when i "save as" into TEXT and move her over with sftp, i get garbage from blosxom. So, i move it back over in a different file to "just see" what's up. MOTHERFUCKING OO JUST BUTCHERED THE MOTHERFUCKING HELL OUT OF IT!!!!!!!!!!!

Fucking "span" this and cutesie-poo little new quote moves and all that shit....fucking BUTCHERED some links that it apparently decided to "help out" with. Motherfucking fuck me sideways and bitchslap my ass, NOT MOTHERFUCKING TEXT!!! TEXT! FUCKING TEXT YOU GODDAMN SACK OF SHIT@!!!!!!

So, what now? It's fucked. Fucked i tell you. Some of those were hard to find, dug up links. i won't get into motherfucking Gentoo fucking up X with my mouse (a generic MS ps/2 mouse i might motherfucking add).....jesus fucking holy mary in the ass, i'm am hot and pissed and......god. fuck, i'm done. Fuck it. Fuck OO all to hell. Fuck it. If this had cost me anything other than my time, i'd be out of the motherfucking roof.

Motherfuck some OpenOffice, you motherfucking MS-Word wanna-be motherfucks.
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Fuck OpenOffice

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  • k. i bitch-rigged that fucker. i gotta say that if i have to rewrite, by hand the correct formatting and content and links that i had intended due to some "word processing" sack of shit doing some noise i'd not told it to do (default or not...i mean, fucking come on, "save as text" putting in some extra bullshit?) - i am NOT motherfucking happy nor pleased nor ..... wait for it.......willing to recommend it....to anyone.

    My gf just asked me, "what's your deal with OO? Thought you said it was the shit, the

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