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Journal Liora's Journal: Well... 8

So I haven't been posting here much. I went and got a livejournal a while back and it seems like my posts have been mostly there lately.

Anyway, I'm in a band. We're called Bread Box. We're set to do our first show tomorrow at noon. But... we won't be able to do it without practice tonight. And... our drummer's company films commercials, and his commercial for the day just started, so he might either be late for or miss practice, and not be able to come to the show tomorrow. And, our sound engineer, who could help us cover on djembe with an acoustic set is getting dread locks put in his hair this evening...

I am just so messed up. Big hopes..., big fall. I don't know what we'll do... I mean... we have some stuff that can be played with two guitars and a bass, but most of it will just sound utterly lame. Those of you that are of the praying sort that can mutter a prayer for me not to spiral into depression no matter what happens, and for the drummer to film a commercial in record time, and for Bread Box and our show tomorrow in general. Thanks.

Sometimes I hate being me. Maybe this whole band thing was just a bad idea. Except that it's been my dream since I was little....

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  • Pretty much the only people who know what it's supposed to sound like are the band themselves. If you wanna be in a band, I'll tell you, this is not the last time something like this will happen. So, what to do? Roll with it. You can't get torqued up about it. I've been there and I've *so* done that. and the best thing to do is remember that only *you* know if you screw up. The audience doesn't know. Just smile and get through it. Forget a lyric? Motion to the band to go through the verse or chorus music ag
  • been there, done that, again and again and again. IF I had a nickle for everytime one of my bands said "Shit, we should have rehearsed more before this gig!" I'd be calling Bill Gates my bitch.

    You need confidence. Some people use practiced technical perfection as the source of their confidence. Others (like us) need to divine it out of thin air. And why the frig not? I mean, people are there to see you perform (well, maybe there just there to get a coffee or hit on some girl or whatever, but tough nuts
    • mekka speaks true wisdom. things will go wrong, but there's always the next verse, next song, or next show to fix it. keep going and it will be just fine.

      i've seen some really cool shows where the band had no drummer. who made the rule that it's ok for a band to lack drums if it's just one acoustic guitar and a singer, but not ok if there are two guitars and bass?

      or if you want to practice, maybe you could do something late tonight or early tomorrow.

      my first "real" show in a venue in front of stranger
  • by mekkab ( 133181 )
    How'd it go?
    • Pretty good. Not as good as it could have been, but hey, it was our first show. I'll post a JE on the subject when I have more time - probably later this afternoon.

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