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Journal realdpk's Journal: Sweaty Butt Syndrome (SBS) 7

I'm hoping that one day, SBS will no longer plague me and probably countless Americans. For now however, I just need to find a way to avoid it.

I have one of those cloth office chairs at work, and after sitting for a few hours I can't help but feel uncomfortably/overly sweaty. This is probably going to get me flamed on /., but I doubt I'm the only one with this problem.

Has anyone found a good chair that can help to avoid this situation? Maybe it has vents or something? Searching Google/Froogle hasn't led to any useful results. Btw, I can't spend a lot of money on this, unfortunately.

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Sweaty Butt Syndrome (SBS)

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  • Why not try a leather chair - they work a treat for me. I'm in the UK, and I believe this [] is the one I've got at the moment.

    PS. Go for the ones with the metal spokes, not plastic. Plastic breaks pretty quickly when you tip back on the chair. Several broken chairsworth of experience talking here. :-)
  • I have an Aeron chair at work and my butt stays cool all day. They're not cheap, but are high quality and have a great warranty. Maybe you can find a used one.
    • I'm going to have to second the motion for an Aeron. They're damned expensive, but worth every penny. Some people aren't very comfortable in them, though (mostly larger guys) so see if you can try one out somewhere first.
  • I am sitting on one right now, which I got because it stays nice and cool. Check them out here []. A warning, though, it is difficult to keep a correct posture in these chairs. I would much prefer an aeron, but don't have the flow.
  • I know what you mean.

    My problem is that it happens at many times, driving, walking, especially during sex...

    I know it's a little too much knowledge but my "spot" is always the wettest.
  • I find that I also have that problem, but not in an air conditioned room. (No, I don't have air conditioning running at home, only at the office)
  • Google for 'bungee chair'. Less expensive than an Aeron, and quite comfortable. No more SBS!

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