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So, that was a sever skewering

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  • vets don't vote correctly, so they don't matter.

    I thought it was "vets don't vote correctly, so they don't get ballots".

    p.s. I especially liked the part with the love letter and "abandon your unit and then [government-run healthcare] will care when you get sick". Just gotta show that you share the Left's contempt for America, and then government workers will feel like you're their comrade and move you to the front of the line. Will remember that for when I'm on BHOCare some day.

    p.p.s. Then again, BHOC will be more like BYOC, so maybe it won't matter th

    • How is the BYOC supposed to deal with the shortage of supplies?
      • I don't think government-run healthcare will cause a shortage of supplies in the country, just in that system. I.e. Sandra Fluke can still go down to the local Target or Walmart and get birth controls pills for $9/month (although I can't imagine her needing them), she just might not be able to always get them "free" from her "daddy" (big govt.).

        • You do not grasp, the way bureaucrats do, the power of scarcity.
          • Pray do tell? (Expecting a govt. buying spree on HC supplies, like they're doing on bullets?)

            • Government regulation of anything (housing, healthcare, whatevs) inevitably leads to scarcity, rationing, and the blaming of Bush.
              • For things like mortgages and student loans, I thought government sticking its grubby paws into things made them too plentiful. Probably also what farm subsidies do.

                I would just say that government intervention in the free market creates imbalances. (Which then creates bigger problems than just that.)

  • Ah, so that's why the republicans voted against the vets. Scandalous indeed.

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