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Journal zedmelon's Journal: disappearing journal entries? 2

I am a complete noob and dolt, and I've removed the proof.

*smacks forehead*

To quote turg from a few months ago, "Google is your friend."
Note: This /|\ was a very fun afternoon. Visit if you have an hour to kill.

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disappearing journal entries?

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  • Last time I checked, Quicktime streamed to a file. If you use IE, just look in Temporary Internet Files, sort by size, and look for a file with the correct "Accessed" timestamp. However, I've never been successful getting one of these files to play offline. Might be some kind of tag in them.

    All other formats that I've tried to capture appear to stream directly to memory. I've never been able to find a streaming file, including using a search tool to scour the hard drive for files with a modified tim
    • Heh. thanks. I've used Mozilla for a couple years now, but the cache doesn't store the files in such a straightforward way. But I couldn't even FIND the file in IE, even sorting by filesize or access time (same with Mozilla).

      Once I remembered there's a thing called Google (*bonk*), I searched for about 10 minutes and found a few promising links. Mostly capture apps, but I think I just now found one that'll work. This is my 4th hand backup machine, so it doesn't have anything useful on it. Maybe I'll

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