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Journal DavidBrown's Journal: Extremism in Politics 1

Interesting discussion yesterday. I mentioned in passing the new Anti-Kerry Vietnam War book, "Unfit for Command". I was instantly attacked by my coworker - the book is outrageous, and Kerry was a hero for even going to Vietnam, etc. I wasn't even allowed to mention that 1) I wasn't so sure about the truth of the book anyway; and 2) Kerry opened up the topic of his service in Vietnam by running his war record up the flagpole in his campaign and during the convention.

Why this this happen? Rosie is usually fairly reasonable. I think the answer is this: The left hates Bush so much and positively fears him getting re-elected, that a "pillage and burn" mentality is spreading throughout the left. I've known of this for some time, but I've never seen it spread to what I have felt to be the sensible wing of the Democratic Party.

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Extremism in Politics

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