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Journal iocat's Journal: 24-hour stores

The existance of 24-hour stores, such as Meijer Thrifty Acres in the midwest, or the Long's Drugs at 51st and Broadway in Oakland (which, it must be stated, is far more than just a drug store and in fact is equal in square footage to about one half of a Target, but without as many clothes, so the actual selection of non-clothes articles is both deeper and broader (where else can you buy a live lemon tree, a fishing rod, a bolt of fabric, your choice from an entire AISLE of shelving paper, and a bear-claw all in one shopping trip?) than your average Target or K-Mart), while awesome, is significantly mitigated if you never wake up at 4am and are wide awake and desperate for something to do. I mention this for two reasons. One, so I could make a super, super long sentence, and two because while I used to always either wake up or still be up at 4am, and looking for some fun place to hang out, these days I seem to go to bed early and wake up late. Possibly due to oldness.
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24-hour stores

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