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Journal ReciprocityProject's Journal: The Next Generation of Dreams

I sit down in some kind of waiting room, as in for a barber shop or a doctor or a dentist (we'll go with the dentist) and Patrick Stewart is there, also waiting. And I'm like, "Hey, Patrick, remember me? I met you at X and Y and Z" (where X, Y and Z are places where, in my dream, I remembered having met Patrick Stewart.) And Patrick says, "I'm sick of this crap, I don't want to talk to you. Go away." I think in my dream I thought that he thought that I was stalking him, but really in my dream he thought I was a different fan, although really in real life Patrick Stewart and I have never met.

It was creepy watching Star Trek the next morning.

And my other dream was that my Mom was evicting me from my apartment because I didn't go upstairs and talk to them (my mom and my sister) often enough.

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The Next Generation of Dreams

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